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An encounter with Solzhenitsyn

I was planning to no longer post from Do Not Avenge Us! (the book with testimonies of people deported in Siberia by the communists), but this story is too interesting :). Ion Moraru encounters Solzhenitsyn in the Gulag. The meeting took place a … Continue reading

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A few reflections stemming from the "beauty" of communism

This is a draft of the intro for the book Do Not Avenge Us (to be published by Reflection Publishing), from which I have already posted some fragments.  The book, which I translated from Romanian, contains the testimonies of people … Continue reading

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A while ago, Reflection Publishing published a small but precious book, Aspazia Otel Petrescu’s With Christ in Prison. The book is about one of Mrs. Petrescu’s experiences in communist prisons in Romania, but it is also about more than this: suffering and … Continue reading

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