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The Gulag and the failure of reason

I read an article yesterday about how the gulag is perceived today in the Russian society (see here). I still do not know what to make of it. “Many Russians regard the horrors of the forced labour camps as a … Continue reading

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A Day in a Communist Prison for the Philosopher Constantin Noica

 The Romanian philosopher Constantin Noica was born on July 12, 1909. In 1958, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison by the communist regime for planning against the social order: distributing the book of a fellow forbidden philosopher, Emil Cioran. Noica … Continue reading

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"I came out of the gulag without being bitter and vengeful"

The book Do Not Avenge Us is soon to be published by Reflection Publishing. Before that moment, here is a beautiful testimony to forgiveness. This testimony belongs to Nicolae Istrate. Now, I am joyful for one thing: I came out … Continue reading

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Words in the flesh: on the possibility of witnessing

  Photo by Alin Mesaros Photography ( Philosophers usually speak of propositional knowledge. Briefly, this is about whether a certain proposition is known to be true. In this sense, propositional knowledge does not lead to a beyond but rather remains … Continue reading

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Laughter, Levinas, and the Otherwise than Being

Levinas suggests that the otherwise than being is to be understood in being, but differs absolutely from essence (see Otherwise than Being, p. 16). It “has no genus in common with essence, and is said only in the breathlessness that … Continue reading

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Carmen and Octav

I first heard of Mrs. Carmen Bjoza and her story a couple of months ago, when I visited Fort 13 Jilava Prison in Romania with some of my students. Mr. Octav Bjoza, her husband, who had been imprisoned by the … Continue reading

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Just three thoughts on Orthodoxy

I sometimes talk about a version of Christianity, Orthodoxy, that is not well known in the West; whenever I say that I am Orthodox, people usually think I am an Orthodox Jew. Western and Eastern Christianity may be divided by … Continue reading

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Football, Soccer, and Heraclitus

  After writing about experiencing reality through art, I talked to a friend of mine about common emotions. She thought that it was not important how I made sense intellectually of an emotion, but rather that through my questioning I … Continue reading

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Eminescu’s Ode

Mihai Eminescu is considered a Romanian national poet. I translated one of his poems in English: Ode (in ancient meter)                                           by Mihai Eminescu I could not imagine ever learn to die; Always youthful, fully wrapped in my mantle, I … Continue reading

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The morning fog and reality mediated by art

As I was driving with my son to school yesterday morning, we could see on the fields just a thin line of fog, that was mixing quite beautifully with the colors of fall. My son got his phone and took … Continue reading

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