Eminescu’s Ode

Mihai Eminescu is considered a Romanian national poet. I translated one of his poems in English:

Ode (in ancient meter)
                                          by Mihai Eminescu

I could not imagine ever learn to die;

Always youthful, fully wrapped in my mantle,

I directed my dreaming eyes always up

To solitude’s star.

When suddenly you sprang out onto my way,

Oh, you, suffering, you, so painfully sweet…

I drank the full glass of death’s voluptuousness…

Unmerciful death.

Woe, I burn alive, tormented like Nessus,

Or like Hercules, poisoned in his mantle;

I can’t extinguish my fire even with

All the sea’s waters.

Due to my own dream, I lament, all finished;

On my very own stake, I’m melting in flames

Can I ever come up, rise again brightly,

Just like the Phoenix?

May distracting eyes vanish out from my sight,

Come back to my bosom, sad indifference;

So that I can peacefully die, my own self

To me give it back!


About Tavi's Corner

Blogging on ancient philosophy, communist persecution in Romania (including deportation to Siberia), and Orthodox Christianity. I've translated books from Romanian to English, and I also write about them from time to time.
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3 Responses to Eminescu’s Ode

  1. Unknown says:

    bravo! excellent job! poetry is so hard to translate well!


  2. Enjoyable, thank you


  3. Reblogged this on Tavi's Corner and commented:

    January 15: Eminescu’s birthday.


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