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Teaching suffering and forgiveness – the world of the living dead

Photo taken at the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center in Skokie, IL, by Amy Svob, one of my students.  I read last night a post that really struck a chord with me. Let me just say that when I … Continue reading

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What would I have done?

Jilava, Fort 13. Photo taken by Ioana Hasu I have often heard people wondering what they would have done if they lived during communism: would they have become persecutors or informants for the secret police? Would they have had the … Continue reading

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My son, Solzhenitsyn, and The Lord of the Rings

“Is Frodo a victim or not?” I asked my son this question the other day. He waited for a while, and then he said, “The only way I can say that he is a victim is by saying that he … Continue reading

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A song on the morning commute: "even if we can’t find heaven"

I heard this song on the radio driving to work this morning: “even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you. Love, you’re not alone, cause I’m gonna stand by you.” It’s Rachel Platten’s “Stand by you.” … Continue reading

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The Mine: a poem by Valeriu Gafencu

Another poem of Valeriu Gafencu, named by many the Saint of Prisons. Gafencu’s life ended in one of the communist political prisons that were spread throughout Romania immediately after the end of WWII. I translated the poem from Romanian. You … Continue reading

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