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Come and see "indescribable beauty"

It is Holy Week for Orthodox Christians–a week of indescribable beauty. A week of sadness, but also of incredible joy. For the entire week, every day, every hour, and every minute are governed by the Sunday of the Resurrection. Betrayal, … Continue reading

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"There was no other choice"

  Eugenia and Gheorghe Hasu. Photo from Ioana Hasu’s collection, used with permission. Let me tell you a story. After fighting as a soldier for his own country, a young man returns home. There is nothing special about him; he … Continue reading

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The wisdom of being a hobbit

A Gandalf hat that a friend has made for me :). I often come back to Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, especially when I am tired. The book, but also the movie, reminds me that rest is death. “If … Continue reading

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Two kinds of expectation

There are so many times when we spend our moments by waiting for something to happen. When we are in school, we wish to be done and go home; or we wish to graduate and truly “start life.” If we … Continue reading

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Country music and a mesmerizing feeling of freedom

  I listen to country music. For some reason, it’s really appealing to me, especially when I grade papers–and I do this quite often. To the majority of people who know me, this is a surprise; for them, I do … Continue reading

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A victorious army of grandmas

Photo by Ioana Hasu My life would be completely different today if it were not for my mama-mareĀ and tata-mareĀ (grandma and grandpa), but especially my mama-mare. Mama-mare, the beautiful. She told me stories and she prayed with me. I should rather … Continue reading

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