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Cows and kenosis

Photo by Vlad Dumitrescu, used by permission. I saw some cows today, and I was completely mesmerized. I could not take my eyes off them because they had transported me into a different realm. Time stopped for a moment, and … Continue reading

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The good opinion of the many

Imagine that a professor says to his students something like this: “It really does not mean anything to me if you think that I am a good teacher. It does not mean anything if you think that I am a … Continue reading

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Pastoral care and theology

  An icon of the Prodigal Son Plato’s Socrates is famous to have said that it is impossible to do something bad when you know the good: the problem of akrasia, or of weakness of will, as it is known … Continue reading

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Plato and Fr. Schmemann: Vanquishing Death

    In one of the most living books I have read, Fr. Alexander Schmemann’s For the Life of the World, one can find a powerful critique to a today largely accepted religious perspective, in which people wait for a … Continue reading

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