The miracle of forgiveness


Photo by Andrei.

One often wonders whether there are miracles taking place in one’s life. I do not know about you, but I pray for miracles every day: I pray for forgiveness, and doing so I ask God to interfere in the laws of logic. I ask God to somehow cancel the consequences of my errors, to bring a miracle in my life, even if I do not deserve it.

If you consider forgiveness in transactional terms — forgiveness is offered by the harmed party when the perpetrator offers something in exchange (changes his heart, asks for forgiveness, goes through penance, etc.) — then what I said above may not make sense (by the way, I am currently reading a very interesting book, Martha Nussbaum’s Anger and Forgiveness; you’ll find an interesting discussion about transactional forgiveness, which seems to be the norm in the Western world). But if we depart from the realm of morality for a moment, we may consider that trespasses are manifestations of a disease, my own disease. When I sin, I bring upon me sores and pus, and the bridal chamber disappears in a foggy distance–I am no longer fit to be there. In the sickness of my sores, I do not have the power to redeem myself, and so I ask for a doctor, a doctor to “forgive” my illness, to cure it. I ask for a miracle. It is the longing for what I have lost that moves me toward the request. It is my desire to be clean again, to be healthy again, to find my wedding garment. I ask the Doctor to enlighten the vesture of my soul, so that I can be fit again for the Wedding that is being celebrated and to which I was invited. There is no thing I can offer in exchange–just supplication.

It is not a small thing to transform darkness into light; to make a god out of mud; to bring Heaven into my body. It is for such a miracle that we pray when we ask for forgiveness.


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Blogging on ancient philosophy, communist persecution in Romania (including deportation to Siberia), and Orthodox Christianity. I've translated books from Romanian to English, and I also write about them from time to time.
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One Response to The miracle of forgiveness

  1. kyanaNell says:

    I wanted to mention that I recently got into contact with my mother again and it was because of your class 🙂 Forgiveness truly is a miracle!

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