Tales of beauty and love from the darkness of the Siberian Gulag


A couple of years ago I began the translation of Do Not Avenge Us. The book has just been published, and I thought I would share just a few words about it.

Six people narrate their experiences during the Soviet oppression. This can already tell you that it is not an easy book–I also confess that there were moments when I stopped translating it because I could no longer bear these people’s suffering. However, if someone were to ask me what this book is about and I had only one word to use, I would say, “beauty.”

I know it is odd to associate beauty with the Gulag, but the beauty that I am talking about has nothing to do with any aspect of persecution, but rather with the souls of human beings who find it within themselves in the midst of suffering. The Bolshevik regime sought to separate people, to cut them from the source of life: love, as it is experienced in the connection that one has with others. If these people survived as human beings, it is because they were able to love.

So here it is: tales of love and beauty from the darkness of the Siberian Gulag, tales written by people whose voices are crying to be heard.

If you are interested in reading passages from the book, click on the links below.

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The apple with scent from home

Food for wolves

A love story

A poem from Siberia

The Nazis and the Bolsheviks

The day before deportation

Human dignity and a kiss



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Blogging on ancient philosophy, communist persecution in Romania (including deportation to Siberia), and Orthodox Christianity. I've translated books from Romanian to English, and I also write about them from time to time.
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