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Immigrant story

  There is a Mediterranean grocery store in the town I live. It is owned by a Syrian. I do not know his story, but I think his family came to the US before the conflict started in Syria. Whenever I … Continue reading

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Beautiful New Year

Photo by Aida Matei, used by permission.  “White flowers sing at the gate of the heart. Whoever has lived divine love will understand me and will be happy for my happiness. (…)  Man is not saved in the monastery only. … Continue reading

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It’s all in the eating

At times, instructors bring food to their last class. There is something about sharing a meal together, and I find the idea very suggestive: after a journey of learning, people share a peaceful meal. I never do this, except for one class, … Continue reading

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The icons formed by others in my soul

A friend of mine asked me once whether I would join a prayer group: we would each read a kathisma of the psalter per day during the lenten periods. I have no discipline in prayer, so I thought this would … Continue reading

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Carol from prison

I need help. I am translating some poems, and this one gives me problems. I would be happy for any suggestions. The poem was written in prison by Valeriu Gafencu. The photo below is taken in Jilava. To my knowledge, Gafencu … Continue reading

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Zacchaeus – a poem by Dumitru Ichim

I expected you to be just. What, no? I am a desert, hated by all, and most by me, with heavy bags of sand within my soul. If I were you, under the sycamore, I would have showed my fist … Continue reading

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