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Journey through lent: day 0

Forgiveness Sunday. I went to church this morning, and I had to leave before Matins ended. I started to throw up. It smelt like cheese. Today is the last day of cheese and, to exhibit my wisdom, I overindulged yesterday with this friend … Continue reading

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Joyful thought about death

I have a joyful thought about death lately. I am old, with a long white beard, and I stand next to my grandparents, my parents (both of them old), my wife (never old), and my brothers (old). Some of us … Continue reading

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The Lark in a Soviet Camp in Siberia

I was listening to George Enescu’s Ciocarlia (The Lark: do listen to it here), and this reminded me of a story from Do Not Avenge Us, the book that contains the testimonies of six people who were deported to Siberia immediately after WWII. The … Continue reading

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Mercy and justice; discernment and judgment

Originally posted on Tavi's Corner:
The most rational temptation that I know of is that of justice. I can always say that there is a reason for why I feel betrayed, misunderstood, used, or merely frustrated. Most likely, if…

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