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Some Thoughts on Levinas and Orthodoxy

Originally posted on Tavi's Corner:
In the essay on “Judaism and Christianity” from In the Time of the Nations, Levinas recalls a story mentioned by Hannah Arendt. When she was a child, she said one day to the rabbi,…

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The Temptation of moralism

I have often harmed people in my desire to do good. Here is a perhaps familiar  scenario: a friend goes through various problems and confesses them to me. I feel as if I am one with my friend (didn’t Aristotle say that … Continue reading

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Places of regeneration

There are certain places in this world which have healing power. Some of them are spatial; others are temporal. Alyosha Karamazov was remembering his mother’s face, praying: that is also a place of healing, even if it is about a face–or rather … Continue reading

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Music and Constellations

  Photo by Tim Lester.   There is something about being in a group of people that attempt to make music together. I experience this every week, for two hours. I recently joined Peoria International Choir. Men and women of … Continue reading

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A humble man and a stumbling block

I once knew a man who went through some radical change. He used to be oblivious, concerned with himself, but then he became peaceful and, with that, you could sense a powerful presence when you were next to him. It … Continue reading

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Giving voice to those who had none

  Today, Mrs. Magda Brown, Holocaust survivor, spoke at Methodist College.  I will not say many things about Mrs. Brown’s life. You can see her here, in one of her previous visits at Methodist College, or read about her on … Continue reading

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Hoarders of ideas

  I once read or heard, and I don’t remember who said it (for some reason, I think it was a podcast of Fr. Thomas Hopko; if anyone has heard it, please let me know the source), that we can … Continue reading

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