It so happens that some of my friends are moving away these days. There’s sadness around us, but also moments of powerful feelings. The last liturgy in which we participate together; the last meal we share together; the last time when we say, “see you tomorrow.” It so happens that all of these moments of life take on new meaning, and, even if these separations are not happy events, they still give life some genuine force.

With time, like all of us, I have gotten used to my own departures – moments in which I die a little. This proximity of death, though, makes everything around me live. The leaf that falls next to me vibrates its energy into my body; the driver who shows signs of impatience is, nevertheless, participating into this final day I have in this space, and so his memory will come with me forever, tainted with this feeling of longing that dresses everything I experience into a warm light of eternity.

Can you imagine if we lived every moment of life as if it were our last one? If I looked into the eyes of my wife as if it were the last time? If I sat around the table with my family as if it were our last dinner? If I opened the door for the cat to go out as it were the last time I did so?

And I remember Fr. Cleopa who, when asked what the greatest wisdom in life was, answered, “Death! Death! Death!” Or live life as if it were your last moment.