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“What Christmas is all about”

I am taken aback by the multitude of people who want to tell you “what Christmas is all about.” Here’s my experience: person after person is asking you whether you are ready for Christmas, assuming, then, that we have a … Continue reading

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John Locke’s secondary qualities and the synergy between God and humans

  There’s something profoundly spiritual in John Locke’s idea that secondary qualities do not belong to things themselves, but they are created in us during our interactions with the world. There is no color, no taste, no smell, no sound … Continue reading

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The Sunday Walk to Golgotha

In his The Sacred and the Profane, Mircea Eliade speaks of the break in the space that is brought about by that which connects individuals with the divine (see here a video in which I speak about this). For the majority … Continue reading

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Healing Responsibility

  “I do not understand why people talk about the past: who hurt you, why they hurt you, what kind of guilt they may have, or how you feel about it. All this does not matter; what matter is what … Continue reading

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Filling all things…

Today is the Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit fills all things. If there is any place on this earth where I cannot be because I hate someone, because I feel I am not respected, because I am afraid, because I … Continue reading

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Angels and birthgivers

Originally posted on Tavi's Corner:
  The Mother of the Lord and Jesus in prison cloths. The painting is done by Fr. Arsenie Boca, who was imprisoned during communism. The Church Elefterie in Bucharest. Regardless of where I am,…

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Can I choose God?

  I have a certain difficulty to say that I believe in God. For the people who know me, this may come as a surprise: I go to church to the majority of services and I act, at least outwardly, … Continue reading

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Beyond morality

Christianity is often misconstrued as a religion about the good and the bad, about the righteous and the unrighteous. Do this, and you will be saved. Do that, and you will be damned. Described in these terms, it remains a … Continue reading

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It so happens that some of my friends are moving away these days. There’s sadness around us, but also moments of powerful feelings. The last liturgy in which we participate together; the last meal we share together; the last time … Continue reading

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Small gestures that save the world

I read once that people have done experiments with flowers. They researched how flowers respond to love. Apparently, when the plants “hear” nice words and probably good vibrations, they develop more fully and more beautifully than when they are not given attention. But one … Continue reading

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