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Mishu’s two fights

10:00 pm. Mishu, our cat, goes outside. In 5 minutes, he comes back to the door, a dead mouse in his mouth. “Don’t scold him,” my wife tells me. “He’s done his job.” He just murdered a mouse because he … Continue reading

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Small gestures that save the world

I read once that people have done experiments with flowers. They researched how flowers respond to love. Apparently, when the plants “hear” nice words and probably good vibrations, they develop more fully and more beautifully than when they are not given attention. But one … Continue reading

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Time and prayer

I do not have time to pray. I do not have time to listen  to another, to hear another–I do not have time to take care of the other. But here is an answer (which I once heard from Fr. John Konkle): … Continue reading

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